Sunday, October 03, 2010


You must have heard a lot about Blackwater, which was Dick Cheney’s private army in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. Actually it looks that Blackwater stands for the black oil that Cheney and Bush were after; you must have also heard about the problems it created in Iraq and, more recently, in Afghanistan under a different name, Xe Services.

Apparently, Karzai has done one thing right, banning Xe Services from Afghanistan. When will the World understand that all these so-called wars for freedom and democracy are for resources and, in the case of the Iraq/Afghanistan war, for fossil fuel resources? It’s blatantly obvious for Iraq. For Afghanistan apparently there is going to be a natural gas pipeline from the former USSR, through Afghanistan, into an Indian Ocean port.

That’s what these wars are all about. The rest we know, the death and destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the case of Iraq, Obama has pulled out 100,000 troops but left 50,000 behind as “non-combatant” (whatever that means). However, according to some estimates, close to 100,000 Blackwater type mercenaries are still in Iraq. The war for oil there continues.

Read a recent story here.

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