Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) and sexual abuse cover-up

Last night September 25, 2010 there was a one hour documentory on CNN about child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church and the Vatican – What Pope Knew. I am aware of the story but CNN put in perspective that the current pope (previously known as Cardinal Ratzinger) knew about the abuse and chose not only to do nothing, but tried to cover it up. This story shows how corrupt the Catholic Church is to the core.
I have attended a few services of the Catholic Church and if one goes by the show, ceremonies and rituals, one is overwhelmed and in awe but it turns out it is all a show. There is a serious rot going on. It looks hardly anyone stood up for the victims and perpetrators seem to have almost invariably gotten their way. It is scary. Now it is obvious why people are turning away from the organized religions.
I could not find the CNN video but here is a video which puts some light on Cardinal Ratzinger and so-called Father Murphy. The CNN documentary includes many other abuses in the US, Europe, and in other countries.

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  1. Hatred for the Catholic Church has been renowned for many years. Unfortunately sexual abuse in many organizations have always been a problem and not necessarily limited to Catholics, Anglicans or Baptist. The fact that there has been abuse in the Church is one thing and it has been seriously acted on to the point of individuals being turned over to authorities for criminal proceedings. The present Pope when he was a Cardinal did speak out against abuse and took action against a number of abusers, stripping them of their positions. In the past year, since becoming Pope, he has ordered every Bishop worldwide to resign their offices who knew about abuse and did little or nothing about it. This is far different then what has been stated.

  2. I don’t think CNN had any scores to settle with the Pope or Roman Catholic Church. Many documents were revealed where current Pope asked for delays and in case of Murphy to let him “die in peace”. What about the victims?

    I believe the celibacy is the problem with the Roman Catholic Church which provides cover for pedophiles. It is something unnatural which should have been abandoned long time ago. Jesus did not advocate celibacy. At least spouses keep an eye and or the best police.

    The media around the world has already verified what CNN has reported. There is a very serious problem with the Roman Catholic Church.