Friday, September 03, 2010

Glenn Beck: Universities are dangerous for kids

These damn universities, in US, are madrasas in disguise and they train Communists and Maoists there.

When will Faux News catch on to this guy and that he is a mental case and needs help?

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  1. All except I suppose for Beck University. LOL.

  2. Absolutely. I should have mentioned Beck U. LOL.

  3. I'll have to agree with the Prophet Beck. Our universities are brainwashing our young people into the evils of communism, socialism, Maoism, liberalism, environmentalism, vegetarianism, and yoga. Heck, I remember when I was a young pup at the University of Western Ontario, my political science professor made my classmates and me read Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. Within one semester, the whole university turned into a Maoroney indoctrination camp. The only magazine that we were allowed to read was Maoclean's. I wonder what Comrade Black would have thought.

    We were drugged on a diet of the moneyless Star Trek: the Next Generation where were were forced to drink a shot of beer or some other poison every time Geordi mentioned "di-lithium crystals." Added to that, we were exposed to the communist Smurfs. Again were were drugged with a one-ounce shot of poisonous Smurfbeer every time a Smurf said, "smurf" or some variation. Damn, those smurfberries!

    We should thank the Beckerhead for letting us know about North America's indoctrination university centres. Perhaps, we should pull a Pol Pot and get rid of the intelligentsia.

  4. SD, you nailed it. I had similar experiences. Especially those damn smurfs. I hate those commies to this day.:)

    Yep. Becko has a point.

  5. There was a reason why Papa Smurf wore those commie red tights.

  6. How does Beck even know what goes on at a university (except, of course, his own)? He dropped out after taking one class, as far as I can tell. Just the latest in a long line of rabid anti-intellectualism from folks who'd be out of a job if the majority of Americans engaged in critical thinking or read a book once in a while.

    See my post on this topic here:Unfortunately, I think the historical parallels to Glenn Beck are more along the lines of McCarthyism, Father Coughlin, and the abiding anti-intellectualism that's run like a rather fetid stream through our nation's history (despite the fact that the founders were, almost to a man, intellectuals). The person to read on this trend, by the way, is Richard Hofstadter.

    See my post on the topic, if you'd like to:

  7. Thanks for this post. I went after Monsieur Beck myself on his "reeducation camps" blathering here: