Sunday, July 04, 2010

Afghanistan Quagmire and training Afghan Soldiers? Changing Afghanistan a novel idea

If I attend a university and miserably fail in every subject then am I ready to train the professors how to teach? Nice idea, eh! Those damn professors did not know how to teach me and that is why I failed. Time to train the professors by failed students.

The situation in Afghanistan is somewhat similar. American, Canadian, and other NATO forces have miserably failed in Afghanistan. Now are they ready to train the Afghan soldiers? The very Afghans who could not be subdued by the so-called modern army. Should the Afghans not train the US, Canadian and NATO forces how to fight in a mountainous terrain and in a social environment which is totally alien to the west?

No army has ever succeeded in Afghanistan. It is indeed a graveyard for empires. Alexander the Great failed, the British failed and more recently the mighty former USSR forces failed. One outstanding characteristic of humans is that we never learn from our blunders and past experiences. We must realize that we are creating much greater misery in Afghanistan than solving any problems or bringing democracy – bringing democracy is a joke and a cruel joke to sell war to the public in the US, Canada and other NATO countries.

Here is an idea which may change Afghanistan and actually conquer it socially. Train Afghans en-masse as teachers, doctors and other professionals right here in Canada, the US and Europe. It sure will cost a lot less than what is being spent on the war. We don’t kill them and they don’t kill us. Send these trained people back into Afghanistan over many years. The whole world may be surprised how you can change Afghanistan that way than through subjugation and killing. You can change the societies much faster and more effectively through education, not training military, than through guns to their heads.

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