Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Human Brain and Computers

This subject matter has been intriguing me for a quite a while. Don't worry, as I won't go into technical or philosophical stuff. Yes I have read books by a brain surgeon, books by psychiatrists and psychologists but I will set all that aside and talk about something different.

If on your computer in the left corner you click on Start and then All Programs you will see dozens and dozens of programs which are there but you never used them or very rarely used them. The human brain is somewhat similar but manifolds more complex and we use very limited "programs" available to us in that grey matter. It also depends on a person's up-bringing and how different brains are developed differently. Also every brain differs physically and in its content of knowledge. Computers have many chips and software in it consisting of various programs. Is it possible that there is a chip (using computer language to make it simple) which is related to spiritual programs and only a few once in a while click on it and have spiritual experiences? How do you click on it. I don't know. Maybe Mother Teresa knew as she found spiritualism by helping the poor and downtrodden in India. Those are experiences which quite often cannot be explained in human terms or language. Others who do not understand it just reject them off-hand and make light of them. I am not an expert on spirituality but trying to understand it.

We all have some very unusual experiences which no science can explain. I have my share of it and it left me in complete bewilderment. Let's say you have a relative and you think that you can never survive if something happens to that relative. You love that relative dearly. Unfortunately it does happen and one loses that relative and then an unusual and unexplained calm prevails which allows a person to keep on living. It happened to me and this is just one example. In other words is it possible that that spiritualism and the soul are there but we have just not clicked on that program yet and quite often unknowingly. And it does not lend itself to an easy clicking as we do on computers.

On your computer if you disable certain programs and then at some point in time download an update and try to upgrade it and it does not happen because it was disabled. Is spiritualism a similar kind of program in the brain that some of us disable it? And when we meet a very spiritual person he/she has no impact on us, as our spiritual base is not there. Finally when I am talking about spiritualism I am not talking about any particular religion but inherent spiritual ability of humans indifferent to their colour, creed or gender. Also I am not talking about spirituality of the likes of Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck as they have clicked on a junk file in their brain and not necessarily spiritual file. When I am talking about spiritualism I am talking about something real and pure and not specific to any biased religious views.

My discussion about spiritualism is something to think about and by all means tell me about your experiences if you feel up to it.

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