Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Benjamin Netanyahu: The Mad Man of the Middle East

We live in a mad mad world. There is the US who thinks it has a God-given right to invade smaller countries and demolish them to nothingness as it happened and is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. It is hoped that Obama will use more common sense and stop these world destructive ways of the US administration.

Then we have US minion Israel whose leaders think it has a similar God-given rights as the US; add Benjamin Netanyahu to that equation and it gets worse.

Netanyahu stood next to our majestic leader Stephen Harper and said that it was all the fault of those who were on the Gaza food flotilla. He said Israeli soldiers were attacked, stabbed, clubbed and mobbed. Hello Ben it is your soldiers who invaded hundreds of civilian in international waters and killed at least 10, injured many and arrested and jailed the rest. This man is insane and it speaks volumes about our majestic leader Harper who keeps such a company and Iggy who is hiding somewhere nearby.

How long will the world put up with this. This minion of the US goes into Gaza and kills innocent civilians at will, goes into Lebanon and kills and slaughters civilians at will, goes into a hotel in Dubai to kill a Hamas leader, flies over Syria and bombs it, in the past flew over Iraq and bombed civilians there. Now this madman Ben Netanyahu wants to bomb Iran on similar excuse as Iraq (WMDs) which was bombed and then invaded by the US. This madness must stop. There must be some international action to stop this madness and state sponsored terrorism and slaughter of innocent people. If we let this go on we are writing the final chapter of our own destruction.

Update: Israeli atrocities escalate. Read the story here .

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  1. Excellent, & passionate, post LeDaro.

  2. Hi Ledaro,

    I would like to provide some background for Israel's commando attack on the flotilla.

    The people on the Marmara flotilla were not innocent civilians. Here are pictures from the various types of weapons they had on board.


    What kind of peace activists carry chainsaws, knives and axes with them?

    Why does Israel impose a blockade on Gaza?

    Unfortunately, the Palestinians used to use the sea to smuggle weapons that was fired against Israeli civilians (rockets, guns and so on). The smuggling was in a very large scale. This has been the case for more than 8 years. Eventually, about two years ago Israel decided to put a blockade on Gaza strip and to monitor what comes in and out of it. I totally agree that this is not ideal to any of the sides involved, but no other country offered a better solution (for instance doing the monitoring in a neutral way).

    I am sure that you would do the same if you were in the same position.

    The official blockade on Gaza strip was well-known to anyone on the boat, and the boat had a declared intention to violate the blockade. Israel's policy is to allow humanitarian supply into Gaza strip after it is monitored in Ashdod (Israel) port, few kilometers from Gaza. The crew ignored this, and forced the Israeli commando to stop it by force. Videos that you can easily find on youtube show that the soldiers met with violent resistance and had to defend themselves and this led to the unfortunate deaths and injuries.

    Israel is a country which lives terror on a daily basis. Israel don't get any pleasure from enforcing this blockade. If Israel didn't take this tight measures it would not exist. It is a matter of life and deaths for its civilians.

    Regarding your comment about Iran. Iran publicly says that Israel should be taken off the map and that Israel has no right to exist. What would happen once they have a nuclear bomb? Destroying their nuclear facilities is the most sane thing to do.

  3. Penlan, thank you for your kind words. I will always speak passionately against any society who violates human rights whether it is Israel, Saudi Kings or any other force. However, these days Israel is coming across as the worst violent state in the world.

    Mike I appreciate your comments as you tried to be reasonable. However, my friend chainsaws, knives and axes are absolutely no threat to a nuclear nation like Israel. To say it is threatened by household items is comical but it is tragic instead as 10+ innocent people were killed. Most all households have such so-called weapons –knives for kitchen and axes and chainsaws to cut wood. Unfortunately Israel wants to exist by force and oppression and that is deadly recipe for survival. Iran wiping out Israel is a hyperbole although Ahmedajan has repeatedly said that he made no such statement.

    Please remember it was Hitler and Nazi Germany who butchered Jews and not Palestinians. Why Palestinians are paying the price. State of Israel was imposed on Palestinians by Europeans to overcome their guilt. If Israel returns to pre-1967 boundaries and makes peace offerings it will have much better chance to survive.

    As far as blockade is concerned no nation considers this kind of Israeli blockade legal other than Israel. It is further punishing Palestinians. Reverend Tutu of South Africa has stated that Israel’s treatment of Palestinian is apartheid and that Gaza is a concentration camp. Many Jewish leaders around the world agree with that including a very prominent Jewish MP in Britain. This MP said that Israel and its leaders are emulating Nazis. Netanyahu is an extreme right person and he is no saviour of Israel. He is endangering its existence by his intransigence.

  4. Mike, I should add that when you travel in an open sea and international waters you should carry some weapons anyway given all that piracy going on.

    Israel can receive shipments with nuclear arsenal in it and Gaza cannot receive shipments which has chainsaws, knifes and axes. That is a true mockery of fairness and justice.

  5. LeDaro, why don't you speak passionately about the Palestinians who violate human rights on an ongoing basis? They have been holding an Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, for four year without letting the red cross visit him even once. They regularly launch rocketss on Israeli cities at broad daylight. If there was no blockade on Gaza, they would have continued to explode themselves in coffee shops and busy markets like they did before.

    Israel existence is not threatened by knives and axes. But what do you do if someone runs at you holding a knife? Here's the answer: you shoot him. There is no question here. You would do so too.

    LeDaro, The violence against the Israeli soldier by the "peace activists" on the flotilla was planned. The weapon they carried with them was not just in case they encounter sea pirates... The investigation of this incident had already proved that.

    The comparison of the situation in Gaza to the Nazi's concentration camp is disgraceful. The Nazi's systematically tortured and killed 6 million jews just because they were jews. Israel tries its best to avoid hurting or punishing innocent people, but unfortunately the Hamas is throwing rockets on Israel from their own schoolyards and homes. Israel is forced to fight in residential areas and to take actions to ensure its security, like no other country does. Yes, this is causing inconvenience (to say the least) to innocent Palestinians, but why would pre-1967 cities in Israel should suffer daily rocket attacks? What would Canada do if another country threw missiles on Ontario?

    Can you find a single Palestinian who is OK with Israel shrinking to pre-1967 borders? Will they leave Israel alone if Israel does that? Can you find a single Palestinian who says it is not OK to throw missiles at Israel? The problem is that they do not want Israel to exist at all.

    Up until now, Israel evacuated settlements bordering Gaza and returned this area to the Palestinians. The only result was even more rockets falling deeper and deeper within Israel.

    What would you do if you were in Israel's shoes?

  6. Mike, you sound like another gentleman who left comments on this issue before on other posts of mine. Please read the following as far as Nazi comparison is concerned.


    He is a British MP and highly respected. He lost his mother to Nazis atrocities.

    And please be fair. If Palestinians are holding one Israeli soldier but how many thousands upon thousands of Palestinians are in Israeli jails. You can never win peace through oppression and that is what Israel has been doing from last 60+ years.

  7. There will always be respected people saying anything you'd like to hear. I'd like you to think for yourself. The jews in WWII never committed a single suicide bombing in any coffee shop in Germany. They never launched rockets on German cities.

    The palestinians and their leadership are FORCING Israel to defend itself. Israel does not derive any pleasure from doing it. No other country has to face daily provocations within its own cities.

    Now, the thousands of Palestinian terrorists who are held as prisoners in Israel are convicted criminals with blood on their hands, and there are court records and evidence. They get three meals a day, they can complete an academic degree while in prison, write a book, and they are regularly monitored by the red cross. Israel is a transparent democracy.

    Let's imagine now what a day in Gilad Shalit's life is like. He probably can not read your blog. Gilad Shalit was just a simple soldier, he wasn't sent to kill anyone.

    I think that you miss the entire point of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It's so convenient to criticize Israel for its wrongdoing when it tries to protect its civilians, while ignoring the countless provocations that led to that.

    Israel has made in the last decade many sacrifices for peace. You have never seen anything even remotely close to this coming from the Palestinian side. Only more war and violence is coming from their end.

    Again, what would you do?

  8. Mike you sound like Austin who left comments on earlier posts of mine - polite but 100% wrong. Vast majority of countries in the world think that Israel is the terrorist state. You cannot build settlements on other people's land and expect no retaliation. Israel has oppressed its neighbours for over 60 years. See my earlier blog and read what vast majority of Europeans think of Israel.


    Forget about Muslim countries. 60%of Europeans think that Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. Now they all cannot be wrong. All the evidence is against Israel and majority of the world thinks that Israel is the oppressor. Israel hardly has anyone on its side anymore. It looks that even US is backing away. This does not look good. Israel is working towards its own collapse through oppression of others. There were major demonstrations in US against Israel’s recent attack on food flotilla. Lot of the protestors were Jew. You can watch that on RT news service.

  9. What was I wrong about?

    I agree with your most recent comment that Israel is losing the support of so many people and considered by many in the west a threat. This only means that Israel is a victim of the circumstances it is trapped in and unable to secure itself without damaging its reputation. And again, no one in the world has a solution. Should they just let the Palestinians launch rockets on their schools? (By the way, they tried that for 8 years and even returned territories during that time. Didn't work)

    Jews lived continuously in Israel for thousands of years. They got Israel by a UN decision. On the same day multiple Arab nations started attacking the country that was just established. Where do you want the Jews to go? If you do not mind if they all died, as long as the poor Palestinians get to be happy, then there's your solution.

    Maybe you can you offer the Jews a small piece of Canada? They tried blending in Germany but I hear it did not work very well for them.

  10. Israel has every right to survive as a state. However, by oppressing its neighbours and slaughtering them will not do it. There is not a single state in the world, may be Harper, who supports Israel or its tactics. The whole world cannot be wrong.

    If Israel wants to survive it has to learn to live in peace and not through oppressing. Yitzhak Rabin had the right idea and fanatics Jews killed him. So face the reality.

  11. Israel does NOT slaughter its neighbors. Where did you get that from?

    Here is one instance from (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaza_War)
    : Among IDF's measures to reduce civilian casualties were the extensive use of leaflets and phone messages to warn Palestinians, including families in high-risk areas and families of Hamas personnel, to leave the area or to avoid potential targets.

    Show me one army in the world that does that.

    Israel left Gaza in hopes of peace in 2005 and in return received more than 10,000 rockets and terrorist attacks. Israel has sought peace and compromise with its neighbors for all of its 62 years and it will continue to do so.

    If you talk with Israelis about peace you will hear various opinions of compromises they are willing to do. Have you ever heard from an Arab leader what do they want in return for peace? Why are your fingers pointed just at Israel?

  12. Mike (or Austin), you're making no sense. Whole world says that Israel is the aggressor.

    Tell me that why Israel accepted only one resolution of UN and that is its creation and ignored every other resolution since including the resolution that Israel move back to pre-1967 boundaries.

    Whole Europe, Russia, China (and even US now to certain extent) and rest of the world thinks Israel is a rogue state and danger to world peace. You never answered my question i.e. are they all wrong?

    You're defending indefensible. You're completely delusional.

  13. Israel can not just shrink to pre-1967 borders in a one-sided way, without peace agreement. It learned its lesson in 2005, when it evacuated many settlements around Gaza. The ball is now at the Palestinian court to show readiness for peace, instead looking forward for more terrorist attacks.

    Yes, Israel loses face and it makes me sad. I wish Israel had a better way to defend itself. Do not forget that there is a big difference between Israel and its enemies. The declared intention of Hamas is Israel's annihilation, while Israel's intention is seeking a solution.

  14. Turns out the organization that sent the humanitarian aid to Gaza is tied to the pacifist group that was arrested in the late 90s on their way to bomb Los Angeles International Airport as part of an al-Qaida plot.

    This video has more thought provoking anecdotes you might enjoy.


  15. Mike, your bias and prejudice is obvious. I don't need to watch your foolish videos. So give up and move on.

  16. Move on where? This is the best blog on the internet.