Friday, May 14, 2010

Nick Clegg and David Cameron: The Odd Couple

The picture speaks for itself. Conservatives and Liberal Democrat coalition in Britain.

David Cameron: Prime Minister
Nick Clegg: Deputy Prime Minister

Stephen Harper: Prime Minister?
Jack Layton: Deputy Prime Minister?

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  1. Let's face it, Cameron and Clegg are so much more educated and experienced that most of the people in Canadian politics. Here, politicans are only concerned with their own popularity right or wrong.

  2. Anyone who will collude with Harper is doomed.

  3. Oh I know that; it would be more like a hostile takeover than a coalition, nonetheless, unless I see some change down the road, all my vibes tell me that Jack will get into bed faster with Steve than with Iggy.

    The other thing is this coalition in Britain is barely a week old if that, and already folks are touting this as a success. Why don't we revisit in say, 6 months and see if the honeymoon is still on.

    Also, another thing we can't forget is British parliament isn't as influenced by corporations as we are; it isn't as commercial; thus, the attention span of your average working class British person is eons higher than anyone from the Timmy's crowd.

  4. "..Jack will get into bed faster with Steve than with Iggy." Jack might but will his caucus go along?

  5. I think some will follow along, depending how hungry they are for a coveted cabinet post; many would leave either to cross the floor to the Liberals, or independent, Or they might leave politics altogeterh or they might even take a crack at winning a first seat for greens, but I find that scenario most unlikely.

  6. "...but I find that scenario most unlikely." Agree. I don't think Layton will take such a risk.