Saturday, May 15, 2010

B.P Oil spill, Sarah Palin will help

What is this gimmick of soaking oil from the ocean with human hair? How do you do that when the spill is now estimated at 80,000 – 100,000 barrels a day; a lot more than B.P wants people to believe. B.P lies and lies and lies some more. Everyday new information is coming out and the disaster sounds bigger and bigger. At that rate of spill it equals Exxon-Valdez every five days. You figure out that disaster equals how many Exxon-Valdezes so far.

B.P oil spill is terrorism of a unique nature. It is going to destroy the livelihoods of thousands upon thousands of fishers along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and thousands of tourism operators may be out of business. Then extraordinary damage being done to marine life and birds. Moreover we don't know yet what some of the health problems are going to be for people who use the beeches without knowing about the oil toxin in the water and some eating fish without knowing toxins in them. That is not all, some chemicals are being used to break the oil slick and those chemicals plus the oil ends up at the bottom of the sea. How that is going to impact marine life and beaches in the long run? It is one scary and dangerous spill which puts terror in hearts of those who are going to be impacted, especially the fishers, tourism operators and those who eat fish and use tourism services. This drill baby drill may in the long-run result in "kill baby kill".

Here is a good song: "Oil In The Water"

It is just a tiny amount oil in the water: Tony Hayward B.P. C.E.O.

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