Monday, May 03, 2010

Alabama’s Tim James: English only

This guy can be in Canada but this one wants to be the Governor of Alabama, US. Rednecks are everywhere. We in Canada have been an officially bilingual country for a few decades now but some still say it is too expensive and let's make it English only. Luckily most of these people are in their 60s and 70s and once they pass on, maybe we will accept being bilingual.

Yes at times we get carried away. For instance requiring Supreme Court justices to be bilingual only as that rules out the talent from unilingual French or unilingual English. However in the long run bilingualism will prevail. As world is becoming a global village a reasonable accommodation is in order. However, official multi-lingualism is not a possibility in the near future. English-only types sometimes give the argument that if French is an official language then why not many other languages which are spoken especially in metropolitan areas like Toronto.

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