Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why does Ezra Levant support Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter's chief promoter here in Canada is Ezra Levant. Why would he support Ann Coulter? Her hateful comments make her David Duke in a skirt. Among other things, she said that Jewish people "need to be perfected" in order to be Christains. Is this a position Ezra Levant - who has alleged anti-semitism at anyone who disagrees with him - support?

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  1. Why does Levant support Coulter? To get the very inflamed reaction he's incited among progressives, that's why. Read Neil MacDonald's article on Coulter on CBC's web site. She's all but washed up at home, earning only about $10,000 an appearance (which, in the US, is chump change). So he was able to get her cheap, trigger some extreme reactions from the left, and keep his face in the picture at the same time.

    MacDonald and I both take the same approach - the best way to deal with Coulter is to ignore her and consign her to her well-deserved obscurity.

  2. Back in the late 1980's, Henry Kissenger spoke at the University of Western Ontario. His fee was $33,000.

  3. MoS and SD, I understand what you mean but even $10,000 is too much for a dumb ass like Coulter. That is too much money for one hour for her. What claim to fame she has other than bull-*#itting ?
    She cannot be ignored after the amount of media coverage she has received in Canada and in US. CNN devoted quite a bit of time to her about her stupid comments at Western U and that her speech was cancelled at Ottawa U. I have some affiliation with Ottawa U and I was very disheartened that anyone from there will invite a buffoon like her to speak and pay $10, 000 for that. I am glad it was cancelled.

    MoS, thanks for the reference of Neil MacDonald's article.

  4. She draws people because unfortunately, even in Canada, there are enough who agree with her to pad the audience. She gets away with saying the vile things some people wish they could say in public, so they sit in the audience, laugh at the disgusting "jokes" not because they are funny, but because they believe the same crap. Makes them feel good to cheer on the hatred and prejudice.

    I'm sure some also go thinking they will be able to challenge her views, but she has no intention of debating anything which is why her own organizers shut down her show in Ottawa. The crowd was mostly against her and she got more mileage out of cancelling and playing the poor victim.

  5. ft Jesus, you're quite right.