Thursday, March 04, 2010

Olympics, Moose, and Sarah Palin

Remember all those ballooned moose shown during closing ceremony of the Olympics in B.C. Palin was ready to hunt them down for her kids' dinner. That is what she said on Jay Leno's Late Night show.

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  1. Honestly Ledaro, I have a confession to make.

    I am having serious thoughts about moving to the states and applying for citizenship just to I can vote for Sarah Palin.

    I mean seriously! Ever since Obama was elected there has been a major shortage of stupid comments and soundbites! Smart leaders that do not stick their feet in their mouths on a daily basis are boring! I say Palin in 2012 for four more years of bonehead!

  2. Fish, I understand what you mean. But there is a problem.

    Bush was quite a clown too and repeatedly put his foot in his mouth but look at the damage he has done. He started a $1 trillion war with no end in sight and put the US and world economy in jeopardy and jeopardized world peace as well. It will be a while before world recovers from it. Sarah Palin has similar characteristics only more on the right and a bigger moron