Saturday, March 27, 2010

Michael Moore: Capitalism A Love Story

Now that this movie is available on DVD, I did watch it. Brilliant. Michael Moore is a genius and a man with a soul. He exposes the evils of today's capitalism/profiteering and greed so well. Capitalism and profiteering is what ails societies around the world. The recent Wall Street meltdown and financial tsunami felt around the world are the symptoms of this disease. Many wars, over the centuries, have been fought for the control of resources and control over fellow human beings. Maybe some day, maybe, we will have a utopian society where all humans are treated as humans and equal and not as fodder to satisfy the evil and greedy.

I love this song which is played towards the end of the movie.

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  1. Haven't seen it yet.

    I find Moore usually takes things over the top and exagerates the truth to the point where he too borders on deliberately misleading the public. Just the same, for a while he was the only substantial dissenting voice in the American media.

    He is the Liberal answer to Fox news, in that he is good at simplifying things for people who may not follow politics and other such issues as closely as the rest of us. For that I applaud him.

    More than anything else... he makes me laugh!

  2. Fish, I don’t agree with you on this one. I don’t think Michael exaggerates. He removes the many ugly layers of lies to reveal the truth. He did that in case of Sicko and did the same for Capitalism: A Love Story. He takes the real life stories and dramatises them to make his point and that is why his work is considered movies and not documentaries.

    As far as making you laugh? When you watch Capitalism: A Love Story you may have tears in your eyes instead because of horrible damage which brutality of profiteering and greed has done and continues to do.