Thursday, March 11, 2010

Maher on Massa

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Okay don’t get the wrong idea. Bill Maher talks about Eric Massa on MSNBC Countdown. He is fracking tickling – I mean quite funny.

Massa has added quite a few words to the dictionary or given new meanings to existing words which will live on for a while. Such as “fracking”, “snarkling”, “tickling” etc. You have to google these words to get Massa’s meanings. Eat your heart out teabaggers or whatever your favourite snack is.

Update: The word is "Snorkeling" as per Massa's lingo and not "Snarkling".

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  1. Can we get the correct pronunciation of the word please? Is it "snorkaling" as said on the video or Snarkling as in the written form...which is it?

  2. I checked through google and it is '"Snorkeling" in case of Massa.