Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Human Follies: Bull fighting

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CBS 60 Minutes devoted the whole one-hour to reporting on bull fighting in Spain. Is it different from dogfights? Besides the matador putting his own life in danger, the bull is killed in the end. At least the man does it for fame and fortune. What does animal get out of it? Is this not cruelty to animals and an outdated ancient and cruel ritual?

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  1. Sure it's cruelty to animals. The Mexicans do the same thing except they don't kill the bull.

    When it comes to animal cruelty what about "catch and release" fishing? You snag a fish on your hook, the creature fights furiously for its life, you somehow remove the hook and return the often mortally injured fish to the water. What did you just do and for what exactly? Let's face it. It's for the exhileration of putting that fish through its escape ordeal.

  2. MoS, if you get a chance then go to CBS site and look at the whole video of 40 minutes plus. It is barbaric. First those arrow type thingies are stuck in bull's back near the neck, it bleeds profusely, show continues and towards the end a sword is stuck in the heart of the bull to kill it. It is torture and then kill - like George Bush's detainees only he hired “matadors” and did not have to endanger his own life.

    I understand your fish example but look at seals. They’re water creatures and how they are killed.

    Whenever I fished I did it for keeps.

    I watch those "Nature of Things" program sometimes and even predator animals kill other animals in a swift manner without torturing them. It is only human animal who does the torturing.