Sunday, February 07, 2010

Samuel Alito replaces Joe Wilson

In 2009 when Obama spoke to both Houses of congresses Joe Wilson shouted, "you lie". Now when Obama gave the State of the Union address in January of this year Samuel Alito replaced him, although he used somewhat different language and instead of saying "you lie" he mouthed the words "not true". When Obama talked about the Supreme Court decision replacing democracy with corporacy (or removing funding limits on corporations on elections and recognizing corporations as a person and hence have the same freedom of speech) Alito got upset and mouthed the words of "not true" with big frown on his face.

Was the judiciary not supposed to be impartial and apolitical? Alto's reaction violates that impartiality. Should he not resign as Supreme Court judge?

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  1. On the contrary, it was Obama who shamed to the members of the Court by slagging them in public and before a live audience.

  2. So did Presidents before Obama. Judiciary is always apolitical.

    Supreme Court's decision of corporate funding kills democracy and gives birth to a new child called corporacy. It must be condemned for such a decision and Americans must be concerned.

  3. i wasn't commenting on the decision per se at all.

    i was commenting on a completely separate matter: the propiety of Obama criticizing the decision to the justices' faces when they were not in a position to effectively respond.

    it was disrepectful of what is, in the United States, a coequal branch of government.

  4. Backseat Blogger, thank you for explaining although I understood you first time.

    Reagan, Bush criticized SC on Roe v. Wade decision and many Presidents have done so in the past, there is nothing new about it. Politicians do that. However, judiciary stays out of politics. And that is my point.