Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Olympics and Protests

I can support protests, especially considering the way Harper has put democracy on hold in Canada using the Olympics as an excuse. I can also understand that during the preparation for the Olympics, a lot of poor people were displaced - especially the homeless (in Beijing people were actually rendered homeless, something that happened to some degree in Canada as well).

Big business stands to benefit from the Olympics through advertising and construction of Olympic facilities. Though where in modern society do big business not benefit? They benefit from Christmas a lot... so should we not demonstrate against Christmas as well?

Yes, it's true, the Olympics have in the past been used by despots to promote themselves, but they do have an important function in the World as they bring many countries together at one event. Properly used, the Olympics can contribute to peace and mutual understanding.

Quite frankly too, it's much better that the World competes in sports and for medals rather than engage in arms races that can lead to catastrophic wars.

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  1. Jymn, thank you.
    I must say I am jealous of those who live in Van and can attend some of the sports events. :)

  2. It's really heartening that my co-workers (mostly of Chinese and Russian descent and origin) are wearing Canada hockey jerseys to work and cheering on our athletes. What a great country. I walk to and from work through downtown past Robson Square and I feel like I'm walking on air. If Canada wins gold at Sunday's hockey game, the place is going to be bedlam. Can't wait.

  3. All the best. I will be watching a lot of it on T.V.

    Russians and Chinese cheering together! Indeed that is what multiculturism is all about and hopefully Olympics will promote more of the same.

  4. I boycotted these olympics for so many reasons.

    I'm glad many of these protests got some serious airtime. Tired of the lower socio-economic classes as well as of course, the working class getting squashed continuously by the majority uber-rich.

    Harper's numbers have even gone up because of the gold medals; Nanos mentioned on the radio it was Harper's 'olympic bounce'. Imagine if Canada wins gold at Canada's national religion tomorrow afternoon? Surely Harper would have more than a bounce, watch his popularity go back to where it was before prorogation.

    As for Christmas, yes, I'm bah-humbug with that too. So much commercialism. All this commercialism is a large part of today's societal decline.

    Except for attending Xmas services at church, I don't celebrate.

  5. Ck, you make some very valid points and I agree. However, both Christmas and Olympic are abused by big business. In case of Olympic add politicians. If we can minimize this abuse then both Olympics and Christmas perform a very important function. Christmas brings families together and Olympics bring the world family together.

    I will also add that there is more leeway to minimize abuse in case of Olympics. With an appropriate and effective Olympic management body abuse could be reduced. Moreover an effective democracy can restrain the politicians.