Friday, January 22, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court: Democracy sentenced to Death by hanging

The U.S Supreme Court was supposed to protect the rights of people, but from the last decade or so it has been doing the opposite. In 2000 it appointed George W. Bush as President. According to many, Al Gore had won. With its most recent decisions, where it removes any limits on corporate financing for election campaigns, a final nail in the coffin of democracy has been inserted. In other words, through its decision now the President and Congressmen can be appointed or bought by big corporations. The US Empire was already in decline because of its quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan, now with this Supreme Court decision any pretension it had for being a democratic country has ended. Now politicians will be constantly bought and sold unless Congress takes swift and decisive action to stop such trends through proper legislation.

The world looked towards the US a decade or so ago as a model of democracy. It need not do so anymore. From now on it will be a corporate autocracy unless something is done fast.

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