Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson – the swines

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A brief commentary by Keith Olbermann of MSNBC.

Let me add to it that anyone who calls himself/herself a human being understands the extraordinary tragedy in Haiti as a result of the earthquake that killed tens of thousands of people. According to some estimates, the death toll may exceed half a million people. However, Rush Limbaugh (the blabber mouth) and Pat Robertson (the devil) fail to understand that tragedy. There is no word in any language to describe these two beasts and people of their ilk. They are lowest of the low lifes.

Limbaugh thinks that Obama is speaking out about this tragedy because he wants to win light-coloured and black votes in the US. Obama said on Wednesday that every effort will be made to save as many lives as possible in Haiti and that the US will do everything in its capacity to carry this out. What does Limbaugh's interpretation tell you? If you call him a swine it will be an insult to swines as they do serve some useful purpose.

Robertson said that Haiti is paying the price for the deal it made with the devil when freeing itself from France in the 19th century. This guy is not only full of crap but also made of crap 100%. Many relief workers and UN workers are among the dead, so God punished them according to Robertson. Again it will be an insult to swines to call Robertson a swine.

These two and their type do belong in a sewage lagoon, they must not walk among humans. They stink and their crap is simply intolerable. Their very existence is a scourge to fellow human beings.

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  1. These beacons of the self-serving, moralistic, fear and hate-mongering right wing are, to put it mildly, beneath contempt and actually make Sarah Palin look intelligent.

  2. Right on. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Pat Robertson and like minded idiots who stand in expensive tailored suits and under wealthy network television lights are interested only in RATINGS Vs humanity and solidarity and should be put in their place - under the heavy rubble of TRUTH with little room to inhale anything else!

  4. John, thank you for your comment. I agree. However, as far as Robertson and Limbaugh are concerned truth never stands in their way.

  5. I wonder what Pat Robertson's justification for the continued non-destruction of the USA, the hugest purveyor of porn, by God? I wish he would close his mouth - he is an embarassment to all who call themselves Christians...

  6. mamazee, he is an embarrassment to humans. He is a low life.