Sunday, January 10, 2010

Parliament: Canadian National Institution

Is proroguing Parliament unilaterally for an extended period of time a threat to our national institution? Should such a decision of prorogation not be left up to Parliament and not to the whims of one person, the Prime Minister? Parliament, our national institution, which has protected our democracy and liberties for centuries now needs our help. Should we the people not come to its rescue?

Tyranny must not be allowed in Ottawa or in our Parliament, no matter who tries to practice it.

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  1. Excellent pic! About says it all on this matter. Yes, there should be an amendment that prorogation has to have approval of the House. That way the PM, any PM, cannot go ahead & unilaterally prorogue.

  2. Agree. Circumstances under which Harper did this prorogation or last year does necessitate that, in future, Parliament approve such a move.