Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Dick Cheney: A Cone head and a Broken Record

When will Americans realize that Dick Cheney is a danger to their security and that he should be put in a cage. For 8 years he terrorized the world and spread venom which made the US very unpopular in the world. Bush was just a putty or puppet in his hands as Cheney called all the shots. It was hoped that he would shut himself up after he leaves office. But not so. He continues to spew his venom. He is not only pitching Americans against Americans but also giving an idea to its enemy that there is a division within the country. He is all around bad news. Now he is preaching that Obama does not know that the US is at war; he is basically saying that there should be more carnage in the world as he and his puppet Bush started.

It is about time to cage this venomous beast. He should be fed strictly through the bars of such a cage and should have no human contact as he will do harm. It is in the nature of this beast.

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