Saturday, December 26, 2009

US Senate passes Healthcare Bill

Is it a hysterical or historical moment? The private healthcare lobby did prevail. First there was going to be a public option. Democrats compromised their position and the public option was dropped. Then Medicare was going to be extended to 55 years old to 64 years old from the current 65 years and older. Oh no! Sorry! Senatorial prostitute Joe Lieberman said over his dead body and a new position was taken and that option was dropped too. Long live the private healthcare lobby.

You know what the motto of the private healthcare is: you can buy insurance but don't get sick or make any claims, or if you do get sick die real quick otherwise your insurance will be dropped. Private health insurance companies are the true Satans that the holy books talked about. The following commercial sheds some light on the modem operandi of the private health insurance companies although the commercial points to the banks.

The expression on the little girl's face is priceless and that is how private health insurance companies operate. Wake up America.

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  1. This whole health care "reform" charade is turning out just as I predicted it would.

    obama will sign anything and call it "reform" and "generational change,", blah, blah, blah.

    All smoke and mirrors to put a "win" in his column. No matter that the citizens "lose" by the mandated payments to an already bloated insurance industry with no cost controls in the legislation at all.

    A pox on all elected "representatives." The only entities they represent are the entrenched corporate interests.

    "Change" ain't happenin,' folks . . . .

  2. Bob, thank you for your comment. Agree. Serving "corporate interests" sums up the job of elected official whether that be President, Senator or member of the House of Representative.