Saturday, December 19, 2009

Two landmarks of 2009? U.S. Healthcare Reform and Copenhagen Accord

You got it that these two landmarks are the US Healthcare Bill and the Copenhagen Accord on Climate Change. Both are puffed up, hollow and lack substance. The American Senate succeeded to make a mockery of healthcare reform and the world succeeded to make a mockery of the global warming issue. The Healthcare Bill is a great victory for the private health insurance companies of the US and the Copenhagen Accord is a great victory for the fossil fuel multinational corporations of the world including our own in Canada.

The US Senate Healthcare Bill first dropped the public option and instead offered Medicare to 55 to 64 years old which was dropped also. So what it amounts to is to provide a more solid source of income and profits for private health insurance companies suggesting that they will compete. For sure look at their record.

The Copenhagen Accord after a lot of haggling is a document which is binding on no one. Another conference will be held to discuss that further. Don't hold your breath for that.

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