Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings

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  1. Very nice, LeDaro, and to you as well . . . .

  2. Happy Holidays to you & yours as well, LeDaro. May the New Year continue to bring excellent insights & blogging from you - as well as the humouros pics as well. Keep us laughing!

  3. Thank you for your insights and opinions, and most of all, for sharing. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  4. Thank you all. Best holiday wishes.

  5. I have just stumbled across your blog. It is Christmas morning. I be a fellow Canuck blogger and just added you to my already too long list of excellent blogs.

    Would you consider adding me to your roll as well? I just love your stuff on Half-ass Harper. He is a sure fire slave of the Chabad Lubavitch and must be halted asap. He is not our first PM to sell us out to these creatures, but he is the one who is now killing Canada's international reputation big time. On the behalf of his Chabad masters I might add.

    I consider finding your page a gift in itself because, after all, there are no accidents! And yours make me smile no matter how dire the crap you are focused upon.

    So, very happily I wish you a Merry Christmas. Because it feels good, and because it galls the Chabad to have someone not saying 'happy season' or happy holiday. Once again... Happy Christmas and I do hope you and yours truly have a good one!