Sunday, December 06, 2009

Jim Prentice: Barack Obama has a new poodle

Move over Bo, here comes Joe. You thought Tony Blair was a poodle to Bush, now Jim Prentice and Stevie Harper have decided to play poodle to Obama on the environment at the Copenhagen Conference on Global Warming.

"He (Prentice) cited two reasons why Canada would need to twin its policies with the U.S.: This country would "suffer economic pain for no real environmental gain" if it took a more aggressive approach, he said. On the other hand, it would face punitive measures if it did less.

"Given the integration of our two economies it is essential our targets remain in line — not more, not less," Prentice said. "It all comes down to jobs."

But critics say such an approach could be a licence to do nothing.

While Obama has set greenhouse-gas targets, there's no guarantee he will succeed in getting Congress to approve his climate-change plans.

One international critic has even called Canada the biggest obstacle to any deal being reached in Copenhagen."

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