Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and Peace

Let us keep the Peace Tower a peace tower and not allow Harper and others to turn it into a War Tower. We lost another four soldiers and a reporter embedded with soldiers yesterday in Afghanistan. Harper's response "let us prorogue Parliament until March 2010" just in case some questions may be asked about this carnage in Afghanistan. Moreover, there was an inquiry going regarding torture. What is the best way to close that inquiry but to prorogue Parliament? Shame, shame and more shame. You have heard the saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!" Harper has given new meaning to it. "If you can't stand the heat, lock up the kitchen and walk away."

Harper is hoping that people will be talking about the Olympics come March and forget about the carnage in Afghanistan. Moreover, they will forget about torture business and he can start anew as he did in January 2009. I hope this time he does not succeed and he is taken to task.

Too bad for Canada currently.

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  1. You are right LeDaro. Harper has removed democracy here. He is now acting & ruling as if he's a dictator & this should frighten the public. But it won't as they are apathetic & just don't care. Remember last year when he called the coalition a "coup" & most believed it. The public no longer knows how our Parliamentary Govt. system works. This is very, very bad. Most think we run the same as the U.S. Govt. It's sickening & Harper wants them to believe that. He was elected in ONE riding & rules the entire country - with a minority. He was not elected, nor his caucus, by ALL Canadians & does not even have a majority in the House. Woe be to us.

    On that sad note let's hope there will be a turnaround in the coming year & people will open their eyes & ears & know the truth.

    Happy New Year to you & yours!

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  2. Penlan, thank you for the comment and good wishes. I agree with you but let’s not forget that opposition is very anaemic. A street fighter like Chretien would have politically slayed Mr. Harper by now.