Friday, December 25, 2009

Budi Soehardi: An Inspiring Story

I dedicate this post to my friends and fellow bloggers who are a bit down on themselves. Life has its hardships but also its rewards. Mr. Budi Soehardi is an Indonesian airline pilot who has found a wonderful and inspiring way to help fellow human beings and in the process reap the reward of contentment and happiness for doing so.

So please cheer up and think of those who are in far worse situations than we are and admire those who rise to the occasion and help others. I believe that human societies have survived as long as they have because of such giving and extraordinary human beings. In my view, these are the holy men in our global village. Reformers and prophets had first and foremost similar messages which are quite often lost in the maze of other forces of greed, hunger for power, privileges and wealth – multi-facets of human nature at play.

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  1. Puts things in perspective.

  2. Sassy, thanks. We need that perspective to keep ourselves real.