Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Stephen Harper's big ego

We all know that Harper has a very big ego and it has grown bigger and bigger over the last four years. He has been feeding us crap about how great a Prime Minister he is and how well he is running the country and that everything is under control from the recession to swine – I mean swine flu. Now the Auditor General Sheila Fraser has blown that ego bubble to smithereens.

We Canadian are not ready and ill-prepared if:

- there is a terrorist attack
- there is a massive flood or other major natural disaster

Please see my previous post on this issue.

Where does that leave us? It primarily tells us that we have a very incompetent and disorganized government. Harper was so busy bullying the opposition that he did not have time to govern. On the other hand the opposition has constantly taken bait from Harper. It does not look good for Canada. Canada needs a good new leader. Where do we look for him/her?

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