Friday, November 20, 2009

Stephen Harper's anticipated trip to China

In the past, Harper made a big deal that he would not meet Chinese leaders because of China's human rights record. Now he wants to follow the example of Barack Obama and visit China. What happened to human rights record now? Also we have joined the big league with the US on the issue of torture. The recent disclosure is that Afghani detainees are routinely tortured when handed over to Afghan authorities by the Canadian military. We can deny all we want, but what how are we going erase the evidence? Our own senior diplomat is saying that such torture exists in Afghanistan. Can we tell other nations now with straight face that their human rights record is not good? The Harper government is not even willing to do any further investigation into such allegations.
"The Canadian government is dismissing calls for a public inquiry into the alleged torture of prisoners handed over by Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.
Defence Minister Peter MacKay defended his government Thursday in light of allegations that detainees were routinely abused.

"There has not been a single, solitary proven allegation of abuse involving a transferred Taliban prisoner by Canadian forces," MacKay said in the House of Commons.

His comments came a day after Richard Colvin, a former senior diplomat with Canada's Afghan mission, dropped a political bombshell on Parliament, alleging that suspects handed over by Canada to Afghan authorities were tortured."
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  1. Cool Cartoon.

    So true.

    If Steve really cared about Chinese Human Rights, why are most of the goods we buy still made in China cheapies.

  2. CK, thanks for your kind word about the GIF.

    Harper is a champion when it comes to hypocrisy. You're right. One of the human rights violations in China and India is child labour. He just visited India and did not say a word about human rights violations. Instead he wants to sell them nukes or technology for nukes.

  3. Let's not forget, his latest achievement of starring in Bollywood's version of So you think you can dance

  4. Haha, Stephen Harper will have plenty of crow to eat while he's in Beijing this week. Thanks to his grand standing refusal to attend the Olympics and all the smack talking about Human Rights, Mr. Harper will have a hard time in Beijing. What a hypocrite, a bridge-burning one at that.

    Hey Mr. Harper, here is an idea for ya: how about sticking to your guns for a change. Cancel the fence mending trip to China. No? Can't do? What's that? Oh, Canada needs China more than China needs Canada during the tough times? When the fvck did you grow a brain? Go, lick some boots and kiss some ass; cross your fingers that President Hu won't ask him why he chose not to visit Beijing last year and what made him change his mind this time around. Oh, let's also hope the Chinese won't ask him about Climate Change. Enjoy your trip, Mr. Harper.

  5. Oh, I forgot, maybe Mr. Harper ought to learn from the Chinese on torture methods. Fvcking hypocrite.