Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sarah Palin for 2012

The above picture of Sarah Palin is from the Newsweek cover page. It is an interesting picture and is quite revealing about her personality.

Yes she should run for President in 2012 and her suggested running mate is Barbie. Don't worry, Barbie is smarter than Sarah so she will keep her grounded.

Now the reality. Is this woman not a complete joke who has experience in foreign affairs because she can "see Russia from Alaska"? Watch out Medvedev and Putin. She is no Hillary Clinton. What do Cons see in her? Lots of razzle dazzle with zero substance. Even her book is a joke by all accounts. Instead of writing something substantial she chose to even the scores with McCain staff.

McCain is a relatively smart man. What was he thinking when he accepted this Barbie as his vice-presidential candidate. She is a lost cause.

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  1. Is that the same as "Sarah Palin for the end of the world?" After all, she is from Alaska.

  2. Just like Obama,.
    Zero foreign policy experience.
    Obama was a "community organizer"
    Palin a Mayor (a community organizer that actually makes decisions),
    Obama became Senator, sat on his behind for two years, then went on tour to run for President.
    Palin became Governor, resigned after two years, and is now on tour.

  3. SD, something like that or "end of the sanity".

    tjeerd, I am not going to defend Obama other than that he wrote his own books. He also knows where Afghanistan is located. Moreover he calmed down both Russians and Chinese. Bush was so busy looking into the eyes of Putin and at the same time putting missiles in Poland and aiming at his head thus freaking him out.

    Palin? Well she first has to figure out where different countries are.