Sunday, November 08, 2009

Michael Steele Chair of RNC

What happened to Michael Steele you may ask. He fell into his own trap – teabag that is. He says the US has the best healthcare in the world and further added that ask Canadians who drive across the border to the US when they need healthcare. Hey Mike where do you live, on planet Luna?

The only Canadians who go to the US are those who have a lot of money and need an operation for a condition that is not life threatening. We have such stores here too, now especially in Quebec.

Here's another example, a crime boss from Japan fools the FBI to give them some information, which he hardly gives, and then he gets ahead of the line to get a liver transplant because he had couple of million US dollars to spare. Is that the standard of your good healthcare Mike? Is there some problem with those who are in the public eye and their first name is Michael?

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