Sunday, October 04, 2009

Human Organ Trafficking

I must admit, last week was full of sad and heart-wrenching news. First there was the tsunami on the Samoan Islands and then a major earthquake in Indonesia killing hundreds of people. These were natural disasters and humans have very little control over it.

Then there were many murder and mayhem stories around the world. Closer to home there is a story of a father in New Brunswick who killed his newborn son, the 19 years old mother was a party to it. As soon as the baby was born the father felt for the baby's heartbeat and stuck a sharp knife through the heart and buried the body in the woods nearby. What a brutal world we live in.

Then I watched a documentary on CNN this Saturday about human organ trafficking in Israel. I first heard about it when Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum was arrested in New Jersey for human organ trafficking but I did not know how bad it is. The CNN story said that it is common in Israel, where there are rich Israelis who need organs and Palestinians who are poor and can be lured into giving up there organs, such as a kidney, for a few thousand dollars and sometimes for food and shelter for a limited period. The actual operation of transplanting takes place in Russia, China and Turkey after the organs are obtained. Who says we humans are evolved? In many instances we are worse than animals.

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