Thursday, October 29, 2009

Afghanistan and Human Rights

By many accounts the human rights situation in Afghanistan has severely deteriorated. Mathew Hoh, a senior US diplomat in Afghanistan who recently resigned, alludes to similar circumstances. He is basically saying that we are making the situation worse in Afghanistan.

Click here for a story depicting the worsening situation of human rights.

There are a lot more stories on the above site that you may consider to read.

Also this video sheds a lot of light on what is going on in Afghanistan when it comes to children.

There is a need for United Nations involvement and for the involvement of many nations to resolve these issues. These issue cannot be resolved through bullets which actually have worsened the situation. We went after Al-Qaeda and in the process we further destroyed Afghan society. There is a need for education and developing societal institutions to battle these horrible crimes going on in Afghanistan. US and NATO countries have been concerned about their own interests only. This is deadly wrong. These invading countries have a responsibility now to repair the damage done to Afghan society.

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