Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which way the Ottawa River flows

Whichever way the occupants of Parliament decide. In December 2008 it was all set that there would be a coalition government between the Liberals and the New Democrats supported by the Bloc and a two years pact. It started with Dion but Michael Ignatieff supported it. However, then Dion resigned as leader and Ignatieff was anointed as the new leader by the Liberal caucus. Come January 2009 Ignatieff changed his mind and decided to prop up the Harper Government. That went on until the end of the Parliament spring session of 2009. Come August Ignatieff changed his mind again and wanted to bring the government down. This time NDP and Bloc are saying "no dice Mikey we will prop up the Harper government". So they are even with Ignatieff now. Do you blame them?

Harper is playing the opposition parties like a fiddle and so far he has won all the political poker moves. The opposition has played Harper's game time and again. Is there really any opposition?

The real losers in all of this are the Canadian people.

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