Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stephen Harper: Disappearing Act

Harper was in New York this week. It looks he was there on the taxpayer's dime. Why did he not show up at the United Nations where many major world leaders had gathered to discuss the issue of global warming? He was asked about it and he said that Barack Obama spoke for Canada too when he spoke at the UN. What does he mean by that? Does his Royal Highness have Barack Obama as his spokesperson? Or, are we the 51st State of the US? Which one is it?

If he was not invited to the UN then what was he doing having dinner with Mayor Bloomberg of N.Y. Was he giving a job interview after finishing as PM of Canada. Should he not be paying from his own pocket for such an interview?

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  1. where did you get the info about Harper saying that?

  2. CTV Atalatnic. 6 PM News. From his own mouth.

  3. I meant "Atlantic".