Thursday, September 10, 2009

Private Health Insurance= Highway Robbery in broad daylight

Robber asks the victim for a date.

In this case the victim calls the police and gets the robber arrested.

What does this story has in common with private healthcare? Private health insurance companies are robbers too but the date in this case is a willing victim - like Republican Michele Bachmann. I don't believe in private healthcare and it scares the hell out of me because of the profit motive. A customer of such companies is a valued customer as long as he/she pays hefty premiums and is healthy and makes no claims. But the minute the customer makes a claim and there is no longer profit then what happens? What comes first? Customer's health or profit? If you think it is health then think again. Private health insurance is the real death panel. I think Americans must wake up to this reality. And we must shut up the voices of those in Canada who are pushing for private healthcare. I think even drug coverage should be under public hands removing the profit motive from that important aspect of healthcare.

Private healthcare is only good for those who are very rich or very gullible.

UPDATE: I realize that "shut up" was not an appropriate word in this context; but we should take on those who would seek privitization of our healthcare system.

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  1. While I very strongly agree with your main point, I must caution you about wanting to "shut up" those who are pushing for private health care over here.

    To you and I, private health care is undeniably a bad idea, but we must never silence those that have opposing views. There are exceptions to every rule, but this situation is not one of them.

  2. Fish, I agree with you. "Shut up" are strong words and not appropriate. By the time I thought about it, it was already posted on Progressive Bloggers and other aggregates.

    However, your point is well taken.

  3. No worries, it happens to the best of us!