Monday, September 21, 2009

Haute Couture: Human Stupidities

It was a lazy Sunday evening and there was nothing much to watch on TV, however this program on CBC "The Passionate Eye" caught my eye. It was talking about Haute Couture fashion, a special group of some 200 women in the world who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their clothes. Their collection could be worth millions of dollars.

These women did not look happy and frankly I did not find them particularly beautiful or stylish. Do they have no conscience that hundreds of millions of women and children in the world go without food and sufficient clothing? Why not donate all that money to good causes.

Then there were the so-called fashion gurus. Strange looking creatures who did not look or behave like men or women but something in between, however they surely know how to exploit these filthy rich ladies.

I never was fashion conscious and like to dress casual. When I worked in an office environment I wore casual clothes. I received an indirect reprimand, as there was a memo being circulated about how folks should dress - women and men. No short skirts for women or open collars for men. I realized that I was the only one deviating from the norm so the memo must have been directed at me. So from then on I started wearing a jacket or suit and tie, but grudgingly.

I like to look at beautiful women. In my view the beauty of women is a healthy body which has its own attraction and clothes which are within the norms of the society. Why does someone have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to cover one's body? It doesn't make them more attractive - maybe make them look ridiculous. Just eat well, exercise, and go for the natural beauty. Moderation in everything is important.

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  2. No doubt, as far as money at least is concerned, if you took what the wealthy world spends on fashion and cosmetics you could provide all the necessities required by the poor.

    Now I am sure some would feel that the world would be a lesser place for it - devoid of beauty , or at least excess profit.

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  3. So true. Some of these people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They don’t know what the real world is like. Beauty lies in good health and not in the razzle-dazzle of a dress looking like a Christmas tree.