Saturday, September 05, 2009

Barack Obama’s speech to schoolchildren

Let me first say a few words about Obama. First, that he is a fallible human being like the rest of us and he has yet to be tested. Therefore I don't believe in an Obama cult of any type. He is yet to be tested in how he manages the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and in how he deals with international issues such as Iran, Israel, and Palestine. One speech in Egypt (while a good start) will not resolve the problems or unpopularity of the USA in these part of the world. Also he has yet to be tested on healthcare reform and other domestic issues.

However, he is the duly elected President of the United States. So the latest objections by Repugs that it is dangerous in that he speak to school children are more than preposterous, they are plain bigoted. Redneckers became a little redder at their necks. Reagan spoke to schoolchildren and so did Bush Sr. but there were no such objections. George W. Bush was talking to schoolchildren when the World Trade Centre was being attacked and no one objected then. Actually he kept talking to the children (or rather staring aimlessly like a deer in the headlights) even after he was informed of the attacks and that was kind of good as he did not want to alarm children but no objections were there as there are in the case of Obama. What is different other than the fact that the current President is a black man?

Now these very parents will not object if their children are listening to David Duke spewing out his hatred towards blacks and other minorities. They probably will not object if their children are helping themselves to porn on the Internet late at night. But Obama speaking to them is so terribly so bad. It is many manifestations of KKK to Teabaggers to Birthers and on and on it goes.

As I said, he is a duly elected President of the USA. Now every time he wants to speak these Teabaggers and Birthers are going to object. First it was a catholic university and now it is speaking to children. Some have gone to the limit to say that he can indoctrinate children into liberal values and he has no right to do that. I would think that these children are much smarter than a lot of Congressmen and women, and he speaking to members of Congress on Wednesday. Is there not a real danger there that he can hypnotize these good conservative Congressmen and women? Should these very people who are objecting to him talking to children be objecting that he is speaking to Congress? That is where the real danger lies as Congressmen/women can do things which will impact people's lives while children cannot do that. Then he speaks more often to these Congressmen and women. That is where the real danger lies. Speak up.

These Repugs, neo-cons, birthers, and teabaggers are truly becoming a joke. It will be really funny if they did not cause so much harm. In the end they will hurt the cause of Repugs more than Obama or the Democrats could ever do. This movement of Repugs is truly becoming repugnant.

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  3. America truly deserves Obama and all that he has been doing and will continue to do to America. Following RHINO pseudo-conservative Bush's destructive yield to Democrat demands for liberal bailouts and handouts for special corporate interests, Obama has not wavered in delivering increased liberal deficit and debt spending out of control. America deserves the punishment; for, as God promises, when a nation's people are evil, its leaders will also be. How evil? you ask. Evil enough to promote pornography, prenatal baby murder (euphemistically called "choice" or "abortion"), homosexuality, and other decadence. America is especially responsible for moral decay around the world because it has the single greatest position of influence owing to its privileged status as the chief world economic, media and military power.