Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson: The Tragic Life

Michael Jackson was indeed an enigma. He is considered to be the King of Pop yet certain aspects of his life were shocking. The allegations against him of molesting children surfaced more than once. However his defenders say that he cared about the underprivileged and sick children who stayed with him at Neverland Ranch. Parents of these children became greedy and wanted to blackmail Jackson according to his defenders.

What is the truth? He took it with him in his grave. He did settle with one accuser for $20 million and that makes you wonder, why? Also he literally bought two of his children from their biological mother. She was the biological mother but from all accounts he was not the biological father and a third party donated the sperm. All three children are white so he cannot be the biological father. It is these aspects of his life which make him a hideous character.

However, there is no doubt about another aspect, that he lived a tragic life despite his fame and money. His childhood was tragic as he himself said that his father abused him. Listening to his father since Michael Jackson's death one tends to believe that he does come across as an odd character. At BET (Black Entertainment Television) Jackson's father was bent upon talking about his new business venture. One feels sorry for this father, as he just lost his son, but there is something odd about him.

It is obvious that Michael Jackson suffered a lot of racism. He hated himself and was not comfortable in his own skin, literally. He went through plastic surgeries to change his looks, to have straighter hair, and fairer skin. In the end he looked whiter than whites in general. Horrible inferiority complex and insecurity.

Racism does horrible things to people, both the racists and the victims. It is a highly infectious disease and it is easily transferred from parents to children given the social environment children live in. Racists have a deadly mental disease and they must be quarantined before they can spread it. A cure must be found. One obvious cure is education and it should be given in high doses.

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