Friday, June 12, 2009

Michael Ignatieff is upset

Michael Ignatieff is upset that the NDP and the Bloc have said they will not support Cons on their economic policy or Harper's update which can bring the government down. However, bringing the government down will not happen. Ignatieff wants to read and support Harper. Every day I see less and less difference between Harper and Iggy. They might as well join each other the way Peter Mackay and Harper did and let someone else lead the Liberal party.

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  1. Unles of course there ever comes a time when the polls and the tea leaves suggest it would be an opportune time for the Libs to go to the polls - then he and other Libs be whining that the NDP and Bloc aren't rushing to help bring down the government immediately.

    'When will these other parties learn to do the right thing, and put the needs of the Liberal Party first?'

  2. Cliff, thank you for your comment. I think problems lies right at the top -Iggy himself. I don’t think he has connected with the Canadian public and I don't know if he will.