Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lisa Raitt and Isotopes

What is happening between the Minister of Natural Resources Lisa Raitt and Isotopes. She finds them sexy but they are not giving her the time of day. Poor Lisa, she may control natural resources but a nuclear resource is so elusive to her. Isotope you're naughty.

What was she thinking when she called the Chalk River nuclear plant a "sexy" issue. Also I think this taping business has gone too far. One cannot utter a word without being taped. Ministers, politicians, and rest of us say things off-cuff all the time but to have a recorder in front of a person all the time is too much.

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  1. Anonymous1:28 pm

    And now the bitch has said she is sorry...

    It reminds me of racists saying the word "nigger" and then blurting that they have black friends... so it's okay..

    In this case, the opportunist almost cried and said that cancer had struck her family...

    I think she really cried because people see her for what she is - an incompetent hack...

  2. Hello CWTF, long time no see.
    You’re a tiny bit harsh on the lady. Most ministers are like that at least in the beginning. Unfortunately when they make political appointments and have inexperienced aides then it gets worse.
    Incompetence runs in the family – Harper’s ruling family that is. Starting with the head of the family Steve himself.