Friday, June 26, 2009

Iran: Egyptians question the sincerity of the west

So what is new? Egypt has a very dictatorial government so does Saudi Arabia. Arabs are questioning why so much attention is directed towards Iran. In these countries dissidents are routinely beaten up, imprisoned, and hung but not a beep from the west and that is exactly what Egyptians are saying. According to Mohamed Sharkawy of Egypt:

"Here, in the last presidential election, the police used live ammunition. Why didn't the West speak out against what was happening to us, when we had much smaller numbers? You become skeptical. We understand the United States and the West will pursue their own interests. They don't want a strong Egyptian government that will have separate opinions from the West."

You got it Sharkawy. You should meet our Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other leaders and you will understand why.

According to Ahmed Abd el-Fatah, another Egyptian activist:

"We Egyptians are like youth watching pornography (Iranian demonstrations) because they can't practice sex. Congratulations to Iran for its democracy."

Still another Egyptian, a columnist, Fahmy Howeiday says:

"We have a very weak opposition. We don't have a civil society. The police are very powerful. In Iran, at least there are real elections. We've never had any real elections here in 50 years. Our society has been weakened. We have not allowed political groups to grow."

Many Egyptians resent the West's reaction to Iran and say double standards are being used. They put Obama in the same category.

The Washington Post has good write up on this.

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