Saturday, June 06, 2009

David Frum from a Planet Unknown

What is with this guy David Frum? He cannot be from the planet earth, as he does not know the realities of it. He was very critical of Obama's speech along with his buddy Rush Limbaugh. He said Obama's speech has further endangered the United States. Oh really? Maybe he likes to write "axis of evil" speeches as he did for Bush, but looks like he is a part of that axis. I am ashamed to admit that this guy is originally from Canada. He got further screwed mentally in the US. He is a one repulsive dude.

Guess who else agrees with this moron and called Obama's speech terrible? None other than Osama Bin Laden himself. So Frum does have allies.

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  1. Poor old Frump. He's so desperately trying to pry his party out of the clutches of Limbaugh and Hannity that he's begun to act like them.

  2. Right on, Mound. ;)