Sunday, June 07, 2009

CODEPINK Women's organization for Peace

One of my readers brought this blog to my attention. Codepink women's organization is doing an extraordinary job for peace. They are opposed to the brutal war in Iraq and opposed to Israel's brutal actions in Gaza against Palestinians and Arabs. The organization took the trouble to deliver a peace letter from Hamas to Obama in Cairo.

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Hamas was duly elected and if it would have been recognized then a lot of trouble and violence could have been avoided.

Quite frankly, the more I read about the Israel/Arab conflict the more I am convinced that Israel has been behaving like a deadly big bully in the region thanks to US help. It has too often carried out brutal slaughter of its neighbours. Gaza is a concentration camp and many have said so. It is encouraging to know that Obama has some prominent Jewish people in his close circle, including his chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel, who recognize the need for peace and are very much party to Obama's speech in Egypt where he expressed his displeasure at illegal settlements in the West Bank and expansion of settlements.

I should add that Obama's speech has finally put some water on the burning fire of anger against the US in the Arab world and the Muslim World in general. Bush and Cheney provided all kinds of fuel to such a fire. I believe that if previous administrations had the foresight of Obama there would have not been a 9/11 and there would not have been other acts of violence against the US. Obama must follow his words with actions now and I believe the US will be much more safe and so will Canada as well. History tells us time and again that you cannot bully people or nations forever. Israel has been on a wrong path for far too long.

Other nations and people must learn from it. Atrocities against the weak and the vulnerable have never paid off in the long run.

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