Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swine Flue Paranoia

I was at a function yesterday. I saw this man taking a bottle from his pocket and squeeze some stuff on his hands and rub over his hands every time some one coughed. I realized that he was using disinfectant. My mind went into mischief mode. I inched closer to the guy, coughed a bit, and told him how bad the swine flue can be. As I was greeting another person and when I turned back the man had disappeared from the function. That is how bad the paranoia is. Human thy name is fickle.

Then I thought of all those Canadian travellers in China who are being quarantined. However, they are being fed well. Then I thought of street folks that I chat with once in while and thought maybe they have a good chance to play on this paranoia and get some good food a few days in one of the health facilities around town.

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