Friday, May 08, 2009

Stephen Harper in Afghanistan

Our majestic leader was in Afghanistan on a surprise visit. Since he was not invited to the Whitehouse when Karzai of Afghanistan and Asif Zardari of Pakistan were meeting Obama, he went to Afghanistan in desperation to show that he is a major player in the conflict and on the international stage. Other than wasting the tax payers money, I do not see any merit to his visit especially when Karzai is sitting in Washington D.C.

Even Obama is slowly pulling back from this war. He inherited this horrible war and being in quicksand up to the eyebrows, it will cause some hurt before it all ends. It is encouraging that he has put the diplomacy card on the table.

Harper wants to live in the glory days of Bush when Harper considered himself a big kahuna. Harper also has the illusions of being a conqueror. Bush was stupid enough to start this horrible and unwinnable war and quickly moved to Iraq, jeopardizing both regions and making them unstable for a long time to come. Bush also chose destruction over diplomacy. Harper is still into that illusionary mode of his master Bush.

Hey Steve, stop wasting our money and stop putting our soldiers in harms way. You should stay in Afghanistan and be a soldier for a while, then you might understand what damage you are inflicting.

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