Thursday, May 21, 2009

Religions and Exploitation

Most religions teach brotherhood and sisterhood and ethical standards to live by. However, we being human with all our shortcomings forget the basic teachings of religion and hang on to the rituals. One of these rituals is celibacy among Catholic clergy and teaching abstinence. Both do not work because we are fighting against nature. If someone is religious and believes in God then that very God created that nature and going against nature will amount to going against God.

We all know about abstinence that it does not work. Latest example is Sarah Palin's daughter and multiply that by a few million. Then there is John McCain's daughter who has spoken out that abstinence does not work. So boys and girls, get some condoms and birth control pills after you turn 18 but before that abstinence will be recommended because child-raising is not an easy matter.

Let us discuss celibacy. That does not work either. In Ireland they are finding out that 40% of Catholic clergy was sexually active and serious sexual molestation of children took place. It happened in Newfoundland Canada, as well as elsewhere in Canada and around the world. It is about time that this ritual be revised. Mr. Pope if you believe in God, which you do, then do something. Going against nature is not much help to God as he created that nature.

To read more about abuse of children by Catholic clergy in Ireland, click here.

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