Friday, May 29, 2009

Governor General Michaëlle Jean’s Seal of Approval

First let me clarify, I am not questioning the way of life of Natives. It is not their actions at question but that of the Governor General.

If Sarah Palin's actions were so repulsive when she stood in front of a turkey killing machine, why is Michaëlle Jean getting the seal of approval? Why are even some of our own reporters using double standards here. I think her eating a raw seal heart did not promote any cause. It simply put more fuel on the fire.

I have been a supporter of the Governor General right from the beginning because she represents visible minorities and women. Even after she agreed to prorogue Parliament at Harper's urgings, my view was that as GG she did not have much choice as she has to do what the PM asks her to. But this one was a little over the top and it looked like a job interview to be confirmed for another 5 years as Harper and company do support her actions. I do consider her behaviour bizarre.

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