Monday, May 25, 2009

Dangers in this world

In my view these gas guzzling cars and other vehicles are more dangerous than the Taliban. The Taliban are confined to a small area of the world and can be tackled with but these gas guzzling monsters are everywhere and are slowly poisoning us all. Also, they are more difficult to tackle with as there are too many car-hugging folks around.

The Taliban were created by the US when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. The US happily funded these Jihadists to fight the Soviets and later the same group became the Taliban. There were better ways to deal with the Taliban, which is diplomacy which would have gone a long way. Let us not forget that the Taliban never invaded the US or Canada and it was mostly Saudis who were allegedly involved in 9/11. Therefore the invasion of Afghanistan was uncalled for. Now we complain about IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and suicide bombers. What do you expect? We invaded their country, we are occupying their country, not the opposite.

As far as these gas-guzzlers are concerned and other sources of CO2s, they are causing global warming and are the real danger to the safety and well being of our planet and are a danger to all kinds of life which exists on it.

Everything was created for a reason including the mouth, eyes, and ears of humans. So dear politicians and leaders use them properly. Give some break to your mouth and have nice nutritious food, chatter less and listen more and see what is going on all around you. Then there is the brain and it has a purpose too. Again dear politicians and leaders, please use it properly and then you would do a favour to yourself and to humanity.

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  1. WOW! Ledaro. You get my blogger award for bringing up this.
    I've been "harping"about it for years"
    In the US they kill themselves and each other 49,000 times a year.
    If every driver in the US quit driving for half a year, that would equal 3 Trillion dollars in savings for the total expenses.
    That's about 1/2 the TARP right?
    Here in Canada we do it on average one dead every 10 hours.
    Injuries are ofcourse huge in numbers. That takes up alot of hospital space, and ambulances, and coroners and court cases and rehab as well as lostwork.The social costs of the auto are estimated at $250 Billion.
    The average mile costs a milliom to build.
    For me its the NOISE and the STINK and the stress.
    Thanks to the lobbying from the auto companies almost every aspect of our world is dependent on the use of the automobile. We got strung along.
    Nobody asked: how many of these things will we permit to roar about and drive people crazy.?
    I keep saying: where is the Health Department on this?
    Possible threats to health like plastic baby bottles, tainted spinach and possibly listeria affected meat are pulled almost instantly, but the automobiles rage on and on and occasionally off.

  2. Oemissions, thank you. You make very valid points. Wheel was a great invention but now it is becoming an albatross around our neck.

    I got the idea walking by a building which has this huge parking lot and hundreds and hundreds of vehicles parked there. It was indeed a scary scene. Then I thought of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, London, New York and some other big cities I visited. Then of course L.A which I did not visit but it is known for its traffic jams and fog. The picture is from L.A. And thought about the folks who are exposed to all kinds of pollution. Unfortunately such pollution spreads all over and goes in the atmosphere creating that screen which keeps the heat inside and giving rise to temperature resulting in global warming. It is one scary situation.