Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Susan Boyle, singer extraordinaire

Embedding is disabled by request, but you can click here for the video. This is from Britain's Got Talent. One feels teary eyed after listening to her. Simon Cowell's head simply got bigger as he praised himself as usual.

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  1. Beautiful performance. Amazing how quick so many are to dismiss someone as being deluded or a joke.

  2. I sang that song as a solo with my choir three or four years ago. She just put me to shame. Wow.

    And really - throw some make-up on her, a costume and a wig, and she would rock in musical theatre. She definitely has the pipes and the stage presence.

  3. BY and Jennifer thank you for your comments.

    No doubt she sings beautifully. I listened to it few times. The expression on the faces of judges was priceless as they had to retract from their pre-judging.

  4. Susan has a wonderful God given gift and I believe she knows it. She seems to have the most humbling spirit. I pray that she becomes one of the most successful singers who ever lived!

  5. sjcothran, Amen.