Friday, April 03, 2009

Harper @ G-20 more news

I turned on my T.V. yesterday, April 2, 2009, to CBC World News to see what our fierce leader Harper was doing in London at the G-20. All I saw was a one hour press conference on CBC by Obama. Maybe Harper was on a washroom break (or "loo break" as they say in England). But do you blame the guy? He was lost without his mentors and masters like George W. Bush, John Howard of Australia, and Tony Blair of Britain.

George Galloway summed it up about the nature of Harper government when he said in his speech yesterday to an Ottawa audience:

"Far, far more people across Canada and indeed across the world have paid attention to this tour than otherwise would have done if the flat-footed, blundering, dead-end, has-been, George Bush-bootlicking government in Ottawa had not taken these measures (of banning)," emphasis added.

Poor Harper was totally lost without his masters and wandered away from the conference. He was last seen wandering on Piccadilly Street where he was picked by security and brought back to conference hall for a group photo ;)

However, on the evening National News, CBC did show his press conference. When Obama was there the whole hall was full with reporters from all over the world. In Harper's case, there were a few loyal Canadian reporters and Jim Flaherty sitting behind Harper snoozing.

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